Truth after murder, 2019


Playwright and Director: Arif Alfaraz

Producer: Montse Carrasco

Cast: Riccardo Carollo and Mariana Elicetche

Costume Designer: Ruth Chesterton

Music: Catarina Racha




Taking the main points of last year’s draft, we have written a new play. In «Truth After Murder», Orestes and Electra are the main characters again and the play revolves around Electra’s desire for revenge and Orestes’s need for a clean new life.

The island ruled by the Duke Agamemnon is now devastated after his death (murder committed by his wife and the lover of hers). Corruption is throughout the story a common factor, which nobody seems to realize is there more than anything. We bring these classic tales to the future, actually, to our future (2099), washing away any naphthalene smell of archaism, but keeping the essence of the tragedy. Fresh, energetic, and deep but easy to watch, our play will create questions about death, murder, moral, society and truth that hopefully- will leave no one indifferent.



  • Camden Fringe (London): 21st-25th August @ 2:30pm, Etcetera Theatre. Book tickets HERE.