I am Orestes and I am Electra too, 2018



‘Two siblings and one fate: killing their mother in revenge for the assassination of their father. Will Justice be stronger than Remorse in this dark and disturbing dystopian adaptation of the timeless Greek Tragedies?’

Writer & Director: Arif Alfaraz
Producer: Montse Carrasco
Actor’s Director: Òscar Fabrés
Cast: Arif Alfaraz & Marta Ramonet

Running time: 1h 05min (no interval)


In the first To Be Creatives Ltd play we touch the Mental Health Crisis, which is becoming less taboo. Although we take the matter to an extreme point we want to make clear that a mistreated or untreated mental health patient could perfectly end up doing things that a sane brain would not. We need to talk about Mental Health and we do so. Nobody is immune to having mental health issues due to many factors such as bullying, rejection, sadness, lack of confidence… agents so sadly spread in our society. As the doctor in the play says: “As a society, we need to find a way to raise kids who can avoid the following key precipitators to potentially violent behavior: aggression in the family, early life rejection or neglect and feelings of shame.They must feel safe in their environment, they must feel seen for who they really are, they must feel soothed or calmed when in distress, they must feel secure”.

Through I am Orestes and I am Electra too, a scream of despair, remorse, murder and love, we, To Be Creatives Ltd, cry to everybody’s ears to make them NOT turn their backs, to NOT take for granted the Mental Health of their children, to NOT stop believing that life can be easier if we just LOVE.


“You do not need to be a theatre geek to got imbued through this piercingly mixture of death and life” (Louise White).

Asset Intelligence Magazine.