He was born in Avilés, a small village in the north-west of Spain, in the beautiful region of Asturias. When he was very little used to like to play to dress up and spent all his time writing stories, drawing magical worlds, building huts, sewing pieces of fabrics and pretending to be a prince, a witch or a mouse.

He has always been highlighted for his artistic way of enjoying life, for his imagination. ‘If I am not an artist, I am no one, I am nothing’; he thinks this is the best way to describe him.

He graduated with a degree in Drama and gained a Postgraduate in Performing Arts thereafter. His training -apart from acting, singing and dancing- includes film direction, producing, writing for theatre and film, photography, costume and set design. In his opinion, an artist has to be multidisciplinary and needs to have a deep respect for what he thinks is our mission: to change the world. This mission focuses his attention as an artist, in whatever he does.


She was born in the cosmopolitan Barcelona. Without realizing, the artistic call arrived when she was seven years old. She dreamed to be a fashion designer and she spent all her free time drawing clothes.

She is Graduated in audiovisual media but her passion for the theatre made her start blogging and working as a critic. She has a wide experience working on online media, not just as an editor but also as a photographer and videographer, which is what she enjoys the most doing in this field. Besides, she has worked as a graphic and web designer, and as a community manager. Nowadays, she has her own art blog where she carries out all those tasks.

Short films and web series is where she has focused her directing career, but now it is the moment to expand horizons. She believes that learning is a work in progress and that it is never too late to accomplish the everlasting childhood aspirations.