To be or not… no, always to be. To be oneself, to be here, now, because there is no tomorrow. You will die soon, maybe tonight or as you go out from this office because a drunk driver will run over you, or next month you will be diagnosed with cancer that will kill you in a few months, or you are even dead alive… To make the most of your life, you must be. We decide to be, and moreover, to be creative, because that gives us wings. We don’t dream awake anymore. We will not stop being until the last person on earth flies with us.


What’s the meaning of our existence? We don’t know. Does anybody? What we do know is that this world doesn’t work. While ones want to build real walls to separate smiles, others do the same without bricks; creating rubbish in the mind of the weakest. We don’t just want to break those walls, we want to participate in the creation of a world without them from the very beginning.

A new day is coming, and we will be there. To be creative is the place where forward-looking people will work together with the only purpose of changing the world through art. Theatre, film, music… are the means to get there.

We are feminist, we fight against bullying, homophobia, xenophobia, transphobia, Islamophobia, biphobia, PHILOPHOBIA…

Join us on our journey.